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Degen's Piano, Inc. provides a range of piano-related services for its customers who own or want to own a piano. From Fine and Specialized Tunings, Small and Middle fixes and repairs in place, to Advising and consulting, we can help you select the best piano for your needs and budget, as well as offer maintenance and consulting services. We also perform tunings for special events, places yachts, clubs, and anywhere you need our services inclusive outside Florida (Caribbean Islands).

Tunings, Pitching & Voicing

We perform fine and specialized tunings, concert tunings, voicing and pitching for any type of piano.

Action Regulation

We can fix all your piano issues including action and keyboard adjustments, strings, action regulation, pedals regulation, and more.

Strings & Repairs

We can do small/medium repairs of your piano's on site in no time. We can also replace broken strings (overnight shipping if required). We bring Reconstruction services for your piano, in collaboration with the finest restoration and manufacturing workshops.

Serving Anywhere & Everywhere

From Florida to everywhere you need Us! We serve South Florida from the Keys to Boca Raton and beyond. We perform tunings for special events, places outside Florida (Caribbean Islands), yachts, clubs, cruises and anywhere if the price is right!

Consulting & Support

We can advise you on how to choose the best piano for your needs and budget, as well as offer maintenance tips and recommendations.

Climate Control

We can install and maintain humidity and temperature control systems for your piano to prevent damage and ensure optimal performance. These systems automatically control the piano's micro-climate, stabilizing pitch and reducing soundboard and pin block damage.

About us

Degen's Piano, Inc. provides top-notch the best service for your piano maintenance along with great customer support - a combination that can't be beat!
After three generations of piano tuners and rebuilders, we are backed up with over 60 years of experience on the piano industry.
Elian Degen, Master Piano Tuner, Technician and Rebuilder and operating in South Florida Since 2003. Degen's Piano started business in the US, establishing itself in South Florida, with clients like The Florida Grand Opera, Arturo Sandoval, Dade County Auditorium, Trump Sonesta Resort, Piano & Art Galleria, Key Largo Anglers Club, Ocean Reef Cultural Center. Performers like and many more...

Our Mission

Provide the best quality option in piano tuning and repair services, always maintaining an exclusive response and the VIP service you need. All our customers are important to Us. We bring you the best service, concert quality several tuning styles to your style, space, presentation or instrument.

Our Vision

Maintain our business so that future generations can learn about and enjoy the quality, precision and sound of the traditional piano and the feeling it conveys when played in impeccable condition.

Our Objetives

Expand our business through new technologies by encouraging people to know, learn and take care of their piano. Create a teaching system about this craft business so that it lasts over time.


Trust, Confidence, Punctuality, Advice, Honesty, Friendship, Exclusivity, Hard Work, seriousness.

Degen's Piano History


George Degen was the founder of "The Degen Music Store", a shop that sold and manufactured pianos and other musical instruments in Bucharest, Romania. He opened his store in 1910 on Calea Victoriei, a prominent street in the city. His business was successful and he became well-known for his quality products and service.


By 1937, George's son, Alfred Degen, began helping him in the management of the store, learning the secrets of piano maintenance, which he improved through practice and study long after he and his family left Romania due to the effects of the World War, moving to what would later become the State of Israel.
There, Alfred continued the family trade, which he later passed on to his son, Elian, who was born in Haifa in 1952.
In 1958, the Degen family left Israel and went to Venezuela.
Upon his arrival, Alfred worked for the best piano shops such as Música y Arte, Musikalia, Almacén Americano and many others, until the beginning of the 1960s when he established his own shop, and was appointed to care for the instruments of places like The National Theater, The Municipal Theater, The Caracas Athenaeum and the best Venezuelan and international orchestras performing in the country.


Elian Degen, his son, not only inherited his profession, but also continued his studies in piano tuning and repair at the London College of Furniture. He returned to Venezuela in the early 1970s to follow his father's work with the same success.
In 1983, one of the most modern theaters in Latin America opened in Caracas: The "Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex". For this opening, Venezuela invited many of the most famous orchestras and performers from around the world and Elian Degen was in charge of servicing and caring for the pianos during this event, which he still considers as the most outstanding part of his career.
Since then, Elian Degen has not only perfected his skills, but also expanded the range of services offered to his customers, which include advice, polishing, sales and rebuilding.


We started our business in the United States in 2003, where we offer the same quality service and advice that has defined the Degen's Tradition for generations. At Degen’s Piano, we serve a wide range of customers in the US, including artists, venues, music studios, orchestras, students and families who share a passion for music and piano.


Since her arrival from Venezuela, to the United States in 2014 as a resident, Adriana Canelón has been in charge of the management of the company, administration of activities and finances, and activities related to the care of pianos, such as regulation and minor adjustments of piano machines, professional cleaning, lubrication, among others.


He is the eldest son of Elian Degen and Adriana Canelon. He has been dedicated to precision tuning in his spare time and performing simple high-quality repairs. A social communicator by profession, he studied letters and languages and is a broadcaster. He has been in charge of taking care of the necessary processes for the communications and growth of the company and its operation according to international quality standards.


Daniel Degen is the youngest son of Elian and Adriana, and he has been interested in learning music from an early age. He is a pianist and guitarist by hobby, and he has always dedicated himself to the arrangement and construction of musical instruments such as pianos and guitars.
He has a university degree in administration, and he has studied arts such as music, piano, guitar, drawing, photography and voice-over. Since he was a child, he has done manual work such as computer science and mechanical studies.
Since 1990, he has worked for musical instrument sales companies in Venezuela, such as the chain of Allegro Musical Instrument Stores, serving people from the Caracas municipal orchestra and other prestigious musicians of national renown in the Venezuelan scene.
He expanded his personal brand of "TUINSTRUMENTOVZLA" where he focuses on repair tips and work done on piano arrangements and other musical instruments such as classical guitars, electric guitars, electric basses, electric pianos and synthesizers.


Daniel Alejandro Degen Lopez is the newest member of the family, son of Lenys Lopez and Daniel Degen. He has shown his musical taste since early months of life, and we hope he will continue the musical tradition, the love for instruments, and the dedication of the family to Degen's Piano legacy.

Customers & Clients

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Degen's Piano, Inc. has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Hamburg's Orchestra, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Paris Opera, The London Festival Ballet, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Kammer Orchestra, The Preservation Jazz Band, Les Luthiers, Yehudi and Jeremy Menuhim…

Some of the performing Artist for which he tuned were:
Chick Corea, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Jeremy Menuhim, Arturo Sandoval, Queen, Alejandro Sanz, Dany Rivera, and many other concert artists in classical, jazz and pop music.

Some of the performing Places for which he tuned were:

Teresa Carreño Theater (Venezuela), National theater (Venezuela), Florida Grand Opera, Dade County Auditorium, Trump Sonesta Resort Hotel, Criteria Studios, WLRN TV, Ocean Reef Cultural Center, Art House...

Our Family Team

Each Family member has it special skill we invite you to meet us! 

Elian Degen J.

Elian Degen J.

CEO - Master Piano Technician

Piano Tuner & Luthier

Adriana Canelon D.

Adriana Canelon P.


Action Repair & Other Labors

Elian Eduardo Degen C.

Elian Eduardo Degen Canelón

Assistant - Technician

Piano Tuner & Basic Repairs

Daniel Degen C.

Daniel Antonio Degen Canelón

Assistant – Web Developer

Pianos and other instruments restauration tuner and luthier.


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Piano Caring Advices!

Welcome to Piano Caring Advices! This is the place where you can find useful tips and tricks on how to take care of your instrument and keep it in top condition. Whether you need to know how to clean it, tune it, store it, or repair it, we have you covered. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us by email. Please provide your name, telephone number and location so we can get back to you as soon as possible.

We will also post your question and our answer on the website for the benefit of other users. Don't worry, we respect your privacy and we will never share your e-mail address or any other personal information with anyone else.

Humidity, Temperature & Location of your Piano

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The most important factor for your piano's health is the humidity level. Humidity is the measure of water vapor in the air, and it influences the sound and the quality of your piano. Your piano should be maintained at 42% relative humidity (RH), but you should ask your tuner-technician for the best advice for your specific instrument.

When the humidity is too high or too low, it can make your piano lose its tune and harm its wooden parts. High humidity can cause the wood to expand and the metal parts to corrode, while low humidity can split the soundboard and loosen the glue joints. Repeated changes in humidity can destroy your piano over time. Therefore, you need to regulate the climate around your piano carefully.

One of the best ways to do that is to install a climate control system inside your piano. This system will check and modify the humidity level inside your piano, keeping it within the ideal range. It consists of a humidistat, a dehumidifier, and a humidifier (if needed). Degen’s Piano, Inc. is a qualified installer of Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System, and we can assist you with any questions or issues you may have. You can also visit the Piano Technicians Guild website for more information on humidity control.

Like humidity, temperature is extremely important for your piano performance: Changes in temperature will affect basically the metal structure of your instrument, and that includes the strings. When warm strings expand and pitch goes down, when cooled strings contract and pitch goes up, and because they are not the same length If the piano was tuned at 76F it will go out of tune at 80F and it will also sound out of tune at 72F. Constant changes of temperature will greatly help losing the tuning of the piano and will make the instrument unstable. If this condition is maintained for long period it will even shorten your piano life the same as humidity does. Ideally, the temperature should be kept even all year long, between 74 oF and 78 oF. 

Location, or where you are going to place the piano also has a great importance Even if you followed all the most important protective measures and are sure to have a stable temperature and humidity level, there are places in the room or house where does not matter what you do they will change. Not only it is important how the piano looks in certain space also try to avoid the following places: a.- Near a window, especially if that window allows the sun to strike your piano anytime during the day or during the year. Direct sunlight will create heat inside your piano even if the temperature is stable in the room. b.- Anywhere were currents of air could strike the piano, like near A/C vents or between open doors. c.- Near any wall or surface that could be wet d.- Near an open kitchen specially if it is permanently in use and could be exposed to cooking vapor or kitchen grease. e.- Near any appliance that could create excessive heat or cold (furnaces, chimney, air vents, external doors that open and close constantly). .

Tunings, Regulation & Voicing

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In order to get the whole experience of enjoyment when your piano is played, you must keep it always well maintained and tuned. These services are provided to you by a qualified tuner and technician, whose role in preserving your instrument and advising you about what should do to care for it could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run: to rebuild a poorly preserved piano is much more expensive than a good regular servicing.

New pianos tend to go out of tune much faster during the settling period of their lives. After that first warranty tuning, you will probably need to have it tuned three more times during the first year. They also require to be used as much as possible so it settles properly.

In time, after the piano settles (adapts itself to the environment), and its materials reach their “maturity”, the tuning will hold longer.

For example: For an average family piano two tunings a year (or once every six months) are recommended. However, it may vary depending on your piano, its environment, and the use you give to it. On the other hand, a concert piano, in addition to its regular maintenance, must be tuned before every presentation, and sometimes even during a pause within the performance.

Even further, every piano manufacturer has standards as of materials, designing and building procedures that give different requirements of maintenance to its instruments. In the Technical Bulletin “What manufacturers have to say“, published by the Piano Technicians Guild, Inc.

In addition to periodic tunings, the action of the pianos also needs to be taken care of. The action of the piano is the intricate system of levers, springs, hammers, pins, screws and keys that make possible for you to press a key and get the hammer to hit a string producing the sound.

The precision in which every piece must be calibrated to keep it functioning is very important for the pianist to be able to control the sound of his instrument from the loudest scale to the sweetest chord.

Every single part of the action is also made of wood, felt, leather and metal, thus being equally affected by humidity and temperature changes. They are also affected by many other things, such as moving the piano or just material weariness because of the use.

Every once in a while the action needs to be regulated to cope with these changes and let the pianist control the instrument at its best.

On the other hand, the piano also needs to be voiced every once in a while: Also because of material weariness, when the felt on the hammers gets either compacted or deformed it will change the tone of the note that is played. Commonly, that change is uneven amongst the hammers of the same piano, so a periodical work of voicing is needed for that to be fixed.

For more information on this subject, check the PTG technical bulletin on voicing.

Wood Finish & Piano Tunings

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A piano is both a musical instrument and a piece of furniture, which is why you should treat its finish as you would any other wooden surface: keep it clean, don’t put beverages or other liquids over it, and avoid scratching it.

You may want to clean it every once in a while, using either a dry or a slightly damp cloth. You may want to dust it from time to time, as well.

Although frequent polishing is not recommended, an occasional polish for the older pianos can be done using a good quality product. Make sure to ask your piano tuner-technician about either how to do it or whom to call.

For more information on the subject, refer to The PTG technical bulletin on finish care.

Piano Tunings:

Every piano is different. All pianos require tunings and adjusting almost every six months. Humidity, temperature, conservation, age and usage play a part in determining how stable a piano tuning remains. Toning/Voicing it’s fundamental in the maintenance of your piano. Restoring the balance in both dynamic power and brilliance across the whole keyboard. We toning the Pianos taking in consideration the instrument, space where is placed, the music style you are going to play, and the preferences, requirements and taste of the pianist who is going play it.


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